Greetings from Director

Having entered into post-postmodernism and post-Christendom era, we experience confusion as individuals or as communities at faces of challenges that we never experienced before.

It will be an opportunity to revisit the definition of gospel, church, mission, and missions. We are to stop building Christendom based on pragmatic capitalism which is led by the misunderstanding of the gospel that we say we preach. Instead, we are challenged to transform our worldview and pattern of life. This will be the first step of redrawing today’s mission and correcting the direction of global Christianity.

To make this happen, MM pursues creative but sound missions training, based on well-balanced theology, and relevant approaches to the contexts of more-challenged mission fields.

Let me invite you to be a part of this attempt through praying, sharing talents and resources, and serving together for His kingdom!


Daniel Kim / Director, Maranatha Mission