About WT

WT (Worldview Transformation) is a short-term mission exposure training designed by Maranatha Mission.

Among MM’s mission trainings, WT is the first one and prerequisite for latter two other trainings. It is for Asian church’s present/potential leaders who are dedicated to God’s great commission–global mission.

Based on belief that missionaries are not forged by a few times of one-way lectures, WT emphasizes three principles:


1) Perspectives

Before learning mission strategies, to be a missionary is a matter more of transformation of one’s worldview. Christians are those who go through genuine repentance, rebirth in Christ and restoration of relationship with God the Father that He originally designed for His children. And, missionaries are those whose worldview and value system are transformed in this gospel and ‘live it out.’ Therefore, it is more of one’s ‘being,’ not ‘doing.’ WT helps trainees turn into a totally different way of life with ‘worldview transformation.’


2) Learning through Experience

While teachers say that they teach, learners are not always necessarily learning. Real learning happens when a learner learns through his own experience. WT pursues balance of various ways of training: seminar level, itinerary level and internship level.

Depending on training subjects, a trainee will learn at classroom setting, or as traveling cross-culturally, or through internshipping as an apprentice missionary. WT tries to give as many opportunities as possible for a missionary trainee to observe and experience reality of various mission fields.


3) Self-supporting

Money is a challenge. Though fees and expenses are just symbolic amount considering how much beneficial total training is to a trainee, it would possibly be a big burden to many prospective missionary trainees. However, we will not miss such an important opportunity of training–fundraising simply because it is hard. Instead of spoon-feeding, we love to encourage every trainee to enlarge their capacity so that he would experience God is real source of provision and would be able to raise much bigger resources for later mission through this chance of training. We do help you learn how to catch fish!